Unique and innovative funding solutions

These are unique off-balance sheet solutions which provide law firms with a contribution towards their own fees as well as taking the pain out of the disbursement expenditure required to advance specific case types


  • Unique structuring
  • Court fees and contributions to law firms own fees are funded and insured.
  • No ongoing finance costs or repayments until cases conclude.
  • Finance charges are contingent upon success and based upon recovery.
  • Online portal designed to process significant volumes of claims.
  • Insurance from one of the world’s largest A-rated insurers.



  • Off-balance sheet solution.
  • Capital is freed up enabling further investment into the caseload, increased case acquisition, and additional growth.
  • No impact on cash flow for the law firm or client.
  • No charges unless successful.
  • Easy access to funding.
  • Peace of mind as the claimant is fully protected by an insurer with an established track record in the legal sector.


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