To our Friends, Partners and Investors,

These are unprecedented times indeed, Spectralegal sincerely hope you, your colleagues and family are safe and well.

Given the events relating to COVID-19, our business continuity plan has now been put in place and is working well and in accordance with our expectations.
We wanted to contact you to assure you that there will be no change to our operational and funding model, it’s business as usual.

The needs of our clients are paramount to us and we have allocated considerable resources in recent years to develop the technology and systems necessary to ensure uninterrupted service during times like these. The Spectralegal Portals, for instance, are major assets to our business that has allowed law firms to electronically submit Investment requests and obtain funding during recent weeks without incident.
We are fortunate to be able to conduct all aspects of our business remotely whilst maintaining our high levels of delivery.

At a practical level, our office phone lines have been diverted and email, systems and funding remain accessible and uninterrupted.

We will keep you updated however should you have any questions please get in touch in the usual way.
These are challenging times but we are in this together and committed as ever.

Take good care.

Rowan Duke COO