The consumer press has this week championed successful case studies covering new settlements for PPI consumers, achieved by law firms that are leading the way in Plevin litigation.

The Times, The Mail Online, The Mirror and The Sun have all featured numerous successful cases by firms that are trailblazing Plevin litigation, even after lenders have paid over £38 billion for mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) to customers.

The Mail Online, reported that:

“Experts said more recent legal claims made against banks could pave the way for millions of new compensation claims, including from people who were denied payments, received only partial refunds or never claimed under the previous scheme.”

The press reported cases that have seen PPI customers win further compensation – even if they were happy with their policy – now they have realised litigation through Plevin can help them to seek further access to justice.

The media coverage reflects the surge in Plevin claims handled by law firms and the noise is further expanded by the news that the Alliance of Claims Companies has launched its new Plevin Panel. The Panel is comprised of carefully chosen law firms that will support ACC members – and their clients – to challenge mis-sold PPI claims through Plevin.

Martin Richardson, director of legal services at solicitors MoneyPlus legal, told The Sun:

“Across the country the banks are racking up massive legal bills defending claims and then appealing cases knowing the claimants can’t claim their legal costs back if their case started in the small claims court.”

The Sun also outlined how consumers can use the small claims court and, importantly, contact a solicitor to take their claim forwards – so long as they have not been given a full PPI refund by their lender.

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The interest in Plevin litigation and successful case studies are expected to be drawn out across the UK media in the coming weeks and months, especially in light of the current climate.

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