Understand how growing law firms like the Switalskis Group are unlocking sustainable cashflow fast, to take advantage of acquisition and investment opportunities that set them apart from the competition.

At the end of 2020, there wasn’t a week that went by without a merger or acquisition announcement and as we’re working with some of those leading the M&A wave, we wanted to share some of the ways that law firms, particularly those operating predominantly on contingent fees, can raise funds to help take advantage of M&A opportunities.

Switalskis is a strong regional law firm on the rise. Its recent acquisition of Pryers Solictors from the Pure Business Group (in March 2021) added an estimated £5m turnover to the Switalskis Group and increased the headcount at the firm (which operates from 12 offices across the region) to around 450 people.

Switalskis post acquisition is utilising our Equity Release+ finance product as part of it’s overall funding strategy. Our ER+ product enables a law firm to release equity against the paid disbursements it has within its caseload, allowing law firms to free up their cashflow for investment, such as an acquisition.

As John Durkan, Managing Director of the Switalskis Group, explains:

“If you’re growing as a business you must ensure you unlock cash as quickly as possible. SpectraLegal’s ER+ product helps us to do that.

“ER+ enables us to move quickly and with confidence. Having the right funding strategy in place is crucial pre and post-acquisition. If you want to win that deal, you need to be able to demonstrate a strong financial proposition.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll stress it again, law firms ARE aware of M&A opportunities but funding fears may be holding them back.

Unlock a stronger financial position

The law firms we fund often have a handful of acquisition talks on the go at any one time, and they’re able to talk with confidence because they’ve unlocked their cashflow and have a strong strategic proposition.

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We can act quickly to give you a capital injection while the firm keeps control of the business.

The SpectraLegal Finance Equity Release (ER+) product unlocks the balance sheet of the law firm enabling you to invest for growth.


  • A facility that is able to grow as the firm grows.
  • The ability to monetise assets that are traditionally locked up for many years.
  • Power to negotiate better terms with suppliers.
  • Available cash to invest in marketing services and investment in client files to maximise the value of their claims.
  • Financial leverage enables partners to conserve cash while generating a higher PEP.
  • The ability to acquire – and move quickly

If you’re considering an acquisition, talk to us about unlocking your cashflow to enable a healthy, positive and quick move, before your competitors get there first.

To talk about our ER+ product or other solutions, please contact Matthew Gwynne today.