Plevin Litigation

The headliners in the recent Court of Appeal Potter judgment (a win for PPI2 claimants and the Plevin litigators and CMCs representing them) are powerful and many. The judgment is also expected to impact other credit product claims (more…)

Increasing pressure from the FCA and the news that large CMCs will not renew their regulator licence will impact the Plevin litigation market in the coming months. CMCs will have to act fast to instruct law firms before the inevitable court backlog starts.


Potter has the potential to impact on all types of credit claims, not just PPI, when the case lands in the Court of Appeal in January 2021 – but what does it mean for law firms handling Plevin litigation now? (more…)

We have collaborated with the Alliance of Claims Companies (ACC) to create a sustainably funded and resourced ‘Plevin Panel’ to offer a powerful solution for CMCs pursuing Plevin through litigation. (more…)

The consumer press has this week championed successful case studies covering new settlements for PPI consumers, achieved by law firms that are leading the way in Plevin litigation. (more…)

Our third Plevin Forum was held in July 2020 and was the largest event we’ve held to date. The Forums give claimant firms the opportunity to share and discuss the latest market intelligence on Plevin litigation.


It’s almost a year since the FCA’s much publicised PPI deadline of August 29th which was intended to bring an end to PPI misselling claims. (more…)