Covid-19 is impacting businesses across the globe. We wish to assure you that SpectraLegal remains open for business and committed to maintaining the unparalleled standard of service to which our clients are accustomed.

We remain fully operational and will continue to meet the needs of our valued clients throughout this crisis without interruption.

The health and safety of our staff is our number one priority and they are all seamlessly working from home offices.

The financial impact of Covid-19 is a worry we all share. The standstill arising from court closures, delayed trials and cancelled discoveries and mediations are just some of the issues facing the legal profession in this crisis. Revenue interruption from Covid-19 is a major concern of every business at the moment, and legal practices of every size are no exception as overhead expenses, including the payroll of vital staff and disbursement spending continues unabated.

SpectraLegal understands the unique funding challenges of personal injury practices. And we have created specialised funding tools to address them. Unlike bank debt, our funding is only repaid upon the resolution of underlying files, perfectly in line with a firm’s cashflows – a feature that is more valuable now than ever. Further, our Disbursement Financing has the unique benefit of NO INTEREST throughout the life of the facility.

Click here to learn more or contact us to discuss our funding options.

We hope that you and your team manage the current situation as smoothly as the circumstances can allow. If we can assist you in doing so, please don’t hesitate to reach out.