We have collaborated with the Alliance of Claims Companies (ACC) to create a sustainably funded and resourced ‘Plevin Panel’ to offer a powerful solution for CMCs pursuing Plevin through litigation.

The ACC Plevin Panel (APP), launched this summer in association with SpectraLegal Finance, has a track record of settlement success and reduced litigation timescales, highlighted in our latest Plevin litigation data for claimant law firms (here).

The APP has been carefully selected and is comprised of credible, well-known national law firms and specialist, niche legal practices that are all highly experienced in litigating Plevin cases. The cases are funded by SpectraLegal Finance, offering ACC members: unrivalled experience in the Plevin market; significant defendant and litigation MI, and; a sustainable, attractive source of litigation funding.

Simon Evans, CEO at the Alliance of Claims Companies, said:

“The ACC is pleased to be working with a range of law firms in helping it’s members provide their clients with another route to access justice.

“Since the PPI deadline, there has been an increasing spotlight on the issue of so-called Plevin claims, and consumers need to have confidence that they are choosing the right team to undertake their claim, as these are claims that they are not able to undertake themselves. The ACC felt it was important to seek a solution that included the safety-net of both external funding for cases and a track record of success, and it is with that in mind we were pleased to work with SpectraLegal Finance in putting together our ACC Plevin Panel.”

A unique ACC member benefit

This unique Plevin Panel is only available to ACC members, offering CMCs the benefit of working with professionals who truly understand how Defendants approach Plevin cases, and how to successfully litigate against them. The law firms and SpectraLegal Finance offers CMCs valuable insight, representation and support to finally overcome the barriers and delays many CMCs face when fighting these matters alone.

Safety in a properly funded model

Evans explained:

“What the APP will offer is a solution to CMCs seeking access to legal firms, a solution to legal firms seeking access to affected consumers, and most importantly, a solution for consumers who deserve to be given the best chance of receiving back the money that was taken from them.

“This panel is about strengthening the access to justice link between consumers, legal firms and CMCs and we are pleased to work with SpectraLegal in establishing it.”

Our unique panel with the ACC offers its CMC members choice in litigation support, market strength and unparalleled success in challenging PPI cases in court, backed by unique market intelligence and our specialist funding for Plevin litigation.

The Panel is just part of the continued work of the ACC to create solid structures to help its members progress Plevin, maximise the value of their data and generate additional profit before moving onto new lines of business.

So far, Panel members and CMCs have been invited to closed events led by SpectraLegal Finance to share critical and emerging market intelligence in Plevin cases and processes. For an update on our latest Plevin Forum, please click here.


If you’d like to discuss funding your Plevin litigation cases with us – or are looking to expand your book of work in this field, please contact Matthew Gwynne today.

Find out more by visiting our Plevin Litigation Funding page.