Plevin litigation offers exciting opportunities for law firms and requires dynamic approaches by claimant firms as legal decisions in cases of mis-calculations, unfair relationships and hidden commissions continue to evolve.

SpectraLegal Finance is at the forefront of specialised funding for Plevin litigation.

We offer unique off-balance sheet solution to provide law firms with the funding they need to take the pain out of advancing unfair relationship claims established by the Supreme Court decision in Plevin v Paragon Personal Finance.

Having taken the lead on collecting valuable Plevin litigation insight over the past few years, we’ve utilised our enviable network to pioneer an innovative and collaborative platform – our Plevin Forum. Our Forum is a dedicated, confidential and empowering space for law firms to access the latest Plevin insight and new opportunities, helping them offer greater access to justice for consumers who may have been ‘Plevined’.

In addition to establishing proprietary financing solutions from an experienced Plevin litigation funder, obtaining timely access to key information and market intelligence is critical in this market, as the competition with the entry of new law firms ramps up.

Adding Value

We believe that Claimants and Claims Management Companies should always use experienced and well-funded Plevin litigation firms and we’re proud to fund and support the leading players in this field.

Our clients receive the latest Plevin litigation insight through our well-established SpectraLegal Finance Plevin Panel, comprised of the leading claimant Plevin litigation firms, sophisticated CMCs and specialist advisors.

When we say we add value for our clients, we mean it.

To date, over 50,000 claims have been funded by SpectraLegal Finance, we’ve participated in coordinating and funding our share of the legal costs for the Potter appeal, and our Plevin Forums regularly attract 45+ participants who value sharing their experiences, tactics and positive feedback in a confidential and supportive space.

Our unique Plevin Panel was launched with the support of the Alliance of Claims Companies (ACC) to offer litigators and CMCs the benefit of working with professionals who truly understand how Defendants approach Plevin cases, and how to successfully litigate against them.


  • Unique structuring with no claimant involvement
  • No ongoing finance costs or repayments until cases conclude.
  • Finance charges are contingent upon success and based upon recovery.
  • Online portal designed to process significant volumes of claims.
  • Insurance from one of the world’s largest A-rated insurers.
  • Participation in panel form sharing insights with leaders in the area
  • Continued real time access to Plevin decisions, market intelligence, and a forum for discussing issues and tactics with the leading practitioners in the market


  • Off-balance sheet solution.
  • Capital is freed up enabling further investment into the caseload, increased case acquisition, and additional growth.
  • No impact on law firms cash flow.
  • No charges unless successful.
  • Easy access to funding.
  • Peace of mind as the claimant is fully protected by an insurer with an established track record in the legal sector.
  • Leveraging timely information and market intelligence to increase claim values and maximise profitability.

See how we can help

If you’d like to discuss funding your Plevin litigation cases with us – or for more information on our Plevin Panel, please contact Matthew Gwynne today.

Plevin Litigation Brochure

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